Game Programming with the Classics

What It Is:

A program dedicated to teaching younger students in 7th – 12th grade the foundations of computer science and game development using the Arduino.

What They Will Learn

  • Computer Science fundamentals using JavaScript and C++
  • Game Design (Tetris, 3D Shooter, Platformer, Puzzle, etc.)
  • State Machines
  • Game Logic
  • Basic AI to create smart enemies in their games
  • Problem Solving
  • How to design circuits and create boards using Eagle
  • Uses of various electronic components
  • How to use the Arduino to interact with external boards
  • How to breadboard designs and test circuits
  • How to design and print 3D models to create physical objects to house their game projects
  • How to use laser engraving and cutting to build and decorate parts
  • How to design and build a complete game project
Ben Kucenski
P.O. Box 30622 - Mesa - AZ - 85275