Game Programming with the Classics

What It Is:

A program dedicated to teaching younger students in 7th – 12th grade the foundations of computer science and game development using the Arduino.

What They Will Learn

  • Computer Science fundamentals using C++
  • Problem Solving
  • Game Design
  • State Machines
  • Game Logic
  • Basic AI
  • How to use a microcontroller to interact with external devices
  • How to design and build a complete game project

ESP Game Machine

arduino based game system
The ESP Game Machine is based on the ESP8266 NodeMCU microcontroller. It also switches to SPI to connect the display.

Deprecated: IC2U Game Machine

arduino based game system
The I2CU Game Machine is based on the Arduino Nano and uses i2c connected devices to create a game system. The screen and controller are both i2c. Due to price increases and changes in technology, this project is now deprecated. The source code is still educational and will remain available.
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